King Winter

With the frosty mornings the past few days, we decided to read and learn about King Winter. A beautiful story of how coming together to help those less fortunate, brings a sense of community and provides for those in need.

King Winter calls upon his friends to provide shelter, light, food and warmth to the forest animals that are cold and hungry. It ends with the forest animals forming friendships and sharing the gifts they had been given, all before King Winter moves on to help others.

We discussed the importance of helping others and how it’s nice to help those who need it. We also discussed the typical colours of the season and the boys made their own pictures based on the story. We also found some beautiful poems online and printed these out to use in our nature table and for the boys own pictures of King Winter.


Our King Winter scene for our ‘nature table’.

The poem for our winter theme is as follows (you can also find the story on the link):

King Winter went walking one day oh so cold,
He called to the snow clouds, so it is told.
Come snowflakes, come dancing down to the ground,
Tis time for the earth to not make a sound,
Your silence and calm, and peaceful white cheer,
Brings good will to all and welcomes the year!

DSC_0135 (2).jpg

The boys created their own King Winters out of felt to go alongside a beautiful seasonal poem.

The poem for our King Winters is as follows:

King Winter is now in the land.
He reigns with cold and freezing hand.
He makes Jack Frost touch nose and toe,
and brings us bright and shiny snow.

DSC_0132 (2)

Noahs picture based off the story, showing King Winter and his friends brigning food to the cave for the forest animals.

DSC_0133 (2)

Tommys had a slight twist, his story was about dinosaurs instead of forest animals.


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