Practice Happy Journal

‘Understanding emotions and learning how to cope with them is an important skill for everyone, something that can be difficult for us to do by ourselves. This journal aims to aid even the youngest of us in learning more about our emotions and why we feel the way we do, also including steps we can take to help ourselves to express these feelings in a safe and healthy way. This journal contains of 120 daily pages, enough for you to write in a couple of times a week. Then there is plenty of opportunity to write, doodle, colour and do other mindful activities throughout the book. It also includes 12 monthly entry pages to reflect on what you have learnt and to set yourself goals for the months to come. This introduction will explore different emotions, after all understanding how we feel is an important step in how we manage our feelings.”In this journal, emotions are dealt with in a traffic light system, this helps us to categorise our emotions. However, it is important to remember that no emotion is ‘bad’ and we should encourage ourselves to express every emotion we are feeling and learn to self-help, we just need to do this in a safe and positive way. ‘ This is more than just a journal, it includes mindfulness activities, a one year to happiness challenge and also encourages goal setting. Available on Amazon for only £12.99!

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