4th July

So with 4th of July approaching, as part of our Exploring World Celebrations, we have been busy crafting and learning about the American celebration. Today we made decorations for the house in the famous red, white and blue colours, we discussed what the 4th of July is all about and we even made some traditional American food, Corn Dogs and Cornbread!

For the decorations we made rosette wheels, a wreath and a banner with stars. I have included step by step photos below, in case you want to make your own.

To make each rosette wheel, we cut three A4 sheets of card into strips (one red, one white and one blue). We then curled them in half and used a stapler to create loops. Once all the strips had been made into loops we used the stapler to secure them into wheels. If you don’t have a stapler, glue will work just as well, you will just need to make sure the glue has fully dried between each step!

To make the wreath we used six toilet roll holders and three sheets of A4 coloured card. We cut each sheet in half longways and then glued them around the holders (cutting off the excess card and putting it to the side). Leaving them to the side to dry we cut the left over card into strips of three and used the scissors to slightly curl them. Next we glued them onto the toilet roll holders, leaving over half of the strip overhanging, and left them to fully dry. Finally we used some florest wire to loop through the tubes and create our wreath.

To make the banner we used three more sheets of coloured A4 card and cut them into triangles (and strips). We then used gold sticky back paper to cut out stars and stick to each piece. Finally we hung our decorations up.

I have wanted to try Corn Dogs for so long, so this was the perfect excuse and with the leftover batter we made a small bit of Cornbread to try. We’re not sure on the Corn Dogs, so even more of an excuse to go to America at some point to try some more authentic ones, but the Cornbread was really good!

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