Homeschooling – Week 2, days 8-12

So this week was my birthday week, plus my laptop charger broke, so for those reasons we have been a little quiet online. My new lead finally arrived today though so I thought I would let you all know how our week went. Our activites ran over days so I’m going to upload it all into one post.

Each day followed the same structures as last week, with similar books, always with one relating to feelings and behaviour and another that I read to them, along with their own to read themselves. We have also contiuned daily journaling, even at the weekends, this will provide a lovely record for the boys to look back on in years to come.

This week our topic was Ancient Egypt (absoluelty love this era, and one that we havn’t done before).



Today we watched some really fun videos for children teaching facts about Ancient Egypt;  Ancient Egypt for Kids, History Video Lesson!, Ancient Egyptian Adventure – History for Kids and Ancient Egypt: The Pharaoh Civilisation.

We also made some Pharaoh masks using watered down PVA glue, newspaper, tissue paper and a bowl. First we wrapped two bowls in newspaper on one side, using cellotape to hold down (this is to stop the tissue paper from sticking directly to the bowl. Once secured we started dipping shreds of tissue paper in the glue/water mixture and covered the bowl. Once we had a few layers of tissue paper built up, we spread some glue over the top to flateen on the paper down. We then left these to dry over night.

We got making after this and begun making our cheesecake for my birthday the next day.



Now the masks were dry we removed them from the bowl and trimmed around the overlapping newspaper, finally we painted them in one colour to hide the tissue paper. We used emulsion we had lying around as it offers thicker coverage than poster paints, but a couple of coats of poster paints will do just fine.  We again left these to dry over night.


Then we finished making our cheesecake. Noah said he wanted to make me a unicorn one for my birthday, so we used pureed fruit for the horn and added edible glitter.

Hey, we tried!



Today the boys practiced colouring Pharaoh masks in with some colour by numbers, they also cut and stuck their own pyramids.

Finally the boys painted their designs onto their masks, I cut out the eyes and the boys put them on to play.



We read more about Pyramids, Pharaohs and mummies. Going over things we’d learnt throughout the week. Afterwards we used a kit the boys got at Christmas to make slime.



Today I downloaded and printed out some awsome packs on Ancient Egypt from 123homeschool4me. The pack contained 71 sheets, but I didn’t need all of them for the boys, so I went through and selected the ones I wanted to print and made up their own booklets from them. I thought these packs would give them something quick to do each day over their Easter break, however they finished them all in one day as they loved the activities so much!


The boys will be coming into work with me over the next couple of weeks, then I’m not sure how often (or if I will be at all) in work. So we will plan our homeschooling around that once I know more. I hope everyone is giving themselves atleast a couple of weeks chill time from all of this now. Have a fabolous break (well as fabulous as can be under the circumstances)!

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