Valentines hanging hearts

With valentines only two days away we made some decorations this afternoon. To make these we used:

  • 3 x A4 sheets of red card
  • 1 large sheet of pink tissue paper
  • Red ribbon
  • Pritt Stick
  • Scissors
  • Sharp knife


To start I cut the sheets of card in half, leaving us with 6 A5 sized pieces. I then folded the card in half long ways without making a crease, I then carefully cut around the edge to make half a heart shape (making a full heart when opened out).


Next I cut the sheet of tissue paper up into small strips and squares. This was rushed and messy but this works well.


Next I took one of the heart shape cards and used the Pritt stick to apply glue to its centre, then I added some tissue paper to cover.


The boys watched me do mine the first time, and then they done theirs with little help.


Once all the hearts were finished I used a shape knife to poke a whole near the middle of the heart, close to the top. Then we carefully threaded the ribbon through and double knotted on one end.


Finally we found the perfect place to hang our creations. In the hallway we have a transom window and it’s always an eyesore, so recently we’ve been displaying our recent makes there so it looks a little better.

What crafts do you have planned for valentines?

Copyright © 2018-2019 All rights reserved Stephanie Brady

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